How To Fix “Could Not Complete Operation” Error On Outlook

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Error Message

“Can’t move the items. Could not complete the operation. One or more parameter values are not valid”.


The error message is not self explanatory. The message do not provide the clue of error reason. This error arises due to corrupt autocomplete item list. The autocomplete items which are used as suggestions when user is typing. Corrupt autocomplete list leads to this error message.


To resolve the error you need to clear autocomplete item list. Following are methods to do this.

Method 1: Delete items one by one:

You can remove each email address from the Auto Complete list (one by one). The way is simple and straight forward, but it is time consuming task. Directly type the first letter of name in the address bar in new mail and name will automatically appear. Just move mouse on it and delete it.

Method 2: Clear Auto Complete List

As deleting items one by one is time consuming you need to find other option. So you can clear entire autocomplete item list in few clicks. Following are steps to clear autocomplete list.
1. Open Microsoft Outlook and click on “File” menu.
2. From the “File” menu, click on “Option” button.
3. In this new window, go to the “Mail” option from the drop down menu.
4. Click on the “Empty Auto-Complete List” button under the “Send Messages” section.
5. Then click “Yes” button to empty the Auto-complete list.

Method 3: Clear autocomplete cache

You can delete cache of autocomplete list to avoid error arised due to corrupt cache. Follow below steps to clear cache:
1. Go to Start > All programs > Run. Or
press Windows+R and open the “Run” .
2. Type the “outlook.exe /cleanautocompletecache” and click on “Ok” button.

The above methods will resolve the error. But if still facing the problem then you can scan PST file by professional recovery tool. Also perform antivirus scan.


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