Samsung Galaxy S4 – No-Show at CES 2013

It is official that the successor of Samsung Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S4 will not be showcased in the upcoming event of CES 2013 in Las Vegas next month. Since its not too long that Samsung S3 got introduced in the market, Samsung is in no mood to replace it woth the new one so soon. As per the reports, “The new flagship smartphone by Samsung will be officially unveiled in the first quarter of next year.

Accordingly, the reason to skip CET 2013 to introduce all new Samsung S4 to the world is that the company has planned to showcase a number of electronic products, heavily focussed on televisions. However, no major launches of mobile phone or related products have been reported so far by the company.

The speculations for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3 begin when a Samsung Video teaser stated something new for 2013. Most of the tech sites got pretty excited after watching the teaser and easily assumed that this ‘something new’ could be the Galaxy S4, although nothing in the video gave any clues about this as it’s major focus was to display the dates of CES 2013 i.e. Jan 8-Jan 11.

However a report by Cnet dismissed the speculations and conformed that this time Samsung will be focusing more on electronic products, with a major concentration on TV products. Instead, it has claimed that Samsung has planned a separate media event after CES 2013 for mobile products.

According to experts, there is no point in launching a new flagship smartphone by Samsung when Samsung Galaxy S3 is still the most selling product in the market. Moreover, the company is already focusing on the promotions of Galaxy Note 2 at the moment, which doesn’t leave the space to launch a new flagship product in the market. Nevertheless, this confirmation has definitely lead to disappointment among those people who had already started eyeing on Samsung Galaxy S4. Well, sooner or later it will be out in the market in an exclusive launch event.