Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Micromax Canvas 2

Its everywhere, everybody small and all big manufacturers today’s mantra is to bring to their customers a nicely priced (meaning – which is not heavy on your wallet) smartphones which are Android based. And there are so many manufacturers who are making this competition tough by playing close to each other and making it difficult for the users to compare and select which is good. So, here we are to help you to compare and present before you Samsung Galaxy S3 and Micromax Canvas 2. Without running around the bush, we will straight come to the fact sheet of two smartphones – Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Micromax Canvas 2.

Design and Display – Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Micromax Canvas 2

While talking about slim, sleek and light weight body Samsung Galaxy S3 is 8.6 mm and Micromax A110 Canvas 2 is 11.9 mm and makes Samsung 48% slimmer than Micromax. Weight wise Micromax is 168 grams and is heavier than Samsung Galaxy and light weight mobiles are anytime easier to hold and more as a style icon.

Even the slightest of difference in the screen size adds value to the device but resolution of the screen takes the device in a tangent. Micromax Canvas 2 has a 5-inch screen which is bigger than Samsung Galaxy S3’s 4.8-inch screen but S3’s Super AMOLED screen comes with a higher resolution and higher resolution means more detailed, sharper text and clear display. Canvas 2 has a resolution of 420 X 854 pixels and Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with 720 X 1280 pixels which is approximately 124% more pixels than Micromax Superfone Canvas 2.

Processor, Connectivity and – Storage Galaxy S3 vs Canvas 2

Both the Smartphones run on Android. S3 Comes with 1.4 GHz Quad Core processor and Canvas 2 comes with a 1 GHz processor making S3 work 39% more faster and faster CPU means smooth experience. Dual and Quad core – Multiple Core processors help the devices to perform multitasking functions in a better way. S3 is Quad Core and Canvas 2 is dual core and more cores means better parallelism – resulting to more tasks running simultaneously without slowing down the User Interface.

Both devices are compatible with 3G networks but S3 supports NFC while Canvas 2 doesn’t support NFC. NFC enables wireless payments through mobile and user can also connect two NFC enabled phones just by touching them with each other. S3 has 1 GB RAM and approximately 100% more RAM as compared to Canvas 2 which has only 512 MB RAM. More RAM helps the phone to perform faster with more applications running parallel.
HDMI support allows the phone to stream phone and videos to HDMI supported LCD TV using HDMI cable. Samsung Galaxy S3 supports HDMI with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels HD videos but Canvas 2 doesn’t support HDMI.

Canvas 2 comes with 4GB of inbuilt memory which is 300% less than S3 as it comes with 16GB of inbuilt memory. More memory means more storage and more installation of applications. Both the smartphones comes with MicroSD card slot for memory expansion.

Camera and Battery Life

8MP front facing camera of S3 is better than 5MP camera without front facing of Canvas 2.
S3 can stand for 590 Hours and Canvas 2 can stand for 180 hours making S3 333% stronger battery.